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Increase your brand exposure

Motocross is an action-packed sport that offers unique sponsorship opportunities. By sponsoring a motocross athlete or team, you can increase brand recognition and enhance brand image by aligning your brand with the excitement and adrenaline of motocross.

Sponsoring a motocross athlete or team also provides direct engagement with motocross enthusiasts, differentiates your brand from competitors, improves ROI, and provides access to exclusive content and experiences.

Demonstrate your brand’s commitment to the sport and support for the motocross community. It is an effective marketing strategy for achieving marketing and branding objectives within the high-energy world of motocross.

Athlete Sponsoring

Sponsoring a single athlete:

  • Provides a more personal connection with the athlete and their fans
  • Reach the fan base of the individual athlete.
  • Offers the opportunity for a deeper level of engagement and content creation
  • Allows for a more focused marketing strategy

Team Sponsoring

Sponsoring a team:

  • Provides a broader reach and exposure, as the team will participate in multiple races and events across the world.
  • Align your brand with multiple athletes and personalities
  • Provides a wider range of content creation opportunities,
    as you can showcase the team as a whole