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How it works

We appreciate your interest in becoming a sponsor of our events. Our cooperation should contribute to mutual success and help you achieve your goals. To ensure that you are as well informed as possible and know which steps are necessary, we have compiled all relevant information on the procedure here. These include the preparations, the conclusion of the contract as well as the costs involved.

Before entering into a sponsorship agreement, it is important that both parties have a common understanding of the collaboration. This includes the services to be provided, the scope of support and possible consideration. We therefore recommend that you first familiarize yourself with our sponsorship concept and coordinate your ideas with us. Our goal is to create a partnership that builds on synergies and benefits both you and us.

Shared success and goal orientation:
We place great emphasis on ensuring that our collaboration leads to mutual success. Therefore, we will work closely with you to best support your goals. Together, we will identify ways to best showcase your brand, products or services and help you increase your reach and visibility.

After the details of the collaboration have been clarified and we have jointly defined the goals, a sponsorship contract is drawn up that puts all agreements in writing. This contract outlines the rights and responsibilities of both parties and ensures that all parties are operating on the same basis.

Down payment and set-up fee:
A deposit of 10% of the total sponsorship amount is due upon execution of the contract. Included in this deposit is a non-refundable set-up fee of €49,000. The set-up fee is used to cover the initial costs of setting up the collaboration. These include:

a) Legal costs: we ensure that all legal aspects of the collaboration are clarified and that we act in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

b) Structural costs: the set-up fee helps us build the necessary infrastructure for the collaboration, for example by making adjustments to our website or creating marketing materials.

c) Travel costs: Since personal contact and exchange are important, travel may be required as part of the collaboration. The set-up fee helps to cover these costs.

We hope this information has given you a good overview of the procedure for potential sponsors and emphasize that our common goal is mutual success. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Working together towards a common goal

Introduction: Our sponsorship concept for motor sport events offers a wide range of opportunities to present your brand, products or services in an exciting and dynamic environment. Through targeted placement and activities around the event, we help increase your reach and visibility while supporting the motocross community.

  1. Event sponsorship: For our own events, as an event sponsor, you are directly associated with the event and receive exclusive rights to showcase your brand in conjunction with the event. This includes, but is not limited to, the ability to include your company’s name in the event title, presence on promotional materials and the official website, and high visibility during the event.
  2. Team or rider sponsorship: another approach is to sponsor individual teams or riders. By supporting talented riders or up-and-coming teams, you can link your brand directly to the athletes’ sporting successes. This includes logo placements on race apparel, vehicles and other equipment.
  3. Track and marshal sponsorship: The track and marshals provide additional opportunities to showcase your brand at the event. By sponsoring specific sections of the track or obstacles for our own events, you can generate additional exposure. In addition, you have the option of branding route marshals with your logo in order to be present throughout the event.
  4. Exhibitor and VIP area: In the exhibitor and VIP area, you can present your products or services to visitors and VIP guests. Here you have the opportunity to address potential customers directly and make your brand tangible. Additionally, you can offer exclusive deals or discounts for VIP guests to build long-term customer relationships.
  5. Social media and online presence: In addition to physical presence during the event, we also offer opportunities to promote your brand through our social media channels and online platforms. Through targeted posts, coverage, and collaborative actions with the community, you can expand your reach in the digital space.
  6. Customized sponsorship packages: We understand that every business has different goals and needs. That’s why we offer individual sponsorship packages tailored to your specific needs. Together, we develop a customized concept that meets your goals and offers you the best possible success.