Abdullah Yousef

Introducing Jordan’s motocross youngster, Abdullah Yousef. A national champion with multiple titles, he’s made a name for himself on the regional stage and finished an impressive 6th in the Baja 2021 World Cup.

Now, this passionate, dedicated athlete is chasing his ultimate dream: conquering the Dakar Rally.


Date of birth: 7 Feb. 1992
Career start: 2019

Nationality: Jordan
Disciplines: baja cross country rally

Titles and achievements
  • 2022 – Dubai International Baja – 4th
  • 2022 – Jordan Baja World Cup – 2nd
  • 2021 – Dubai Endurocross Class (Middle East) – 3rd
  • 2021 – Jordan Baja World Cup – 2nd

photos by: murad abaza

About Abdullah Yousef

Born and bred in the captivating landscapes of Jordan, Abdullah Yousef discovered his unrelenting passion for the great outdoors at a young age. This love for adventure and adrenaline naturally led him to the thrilling world of dirt biking, where he quickly made a name for himself.

With multiple national titles under his belt, Abdullah has showcased his exceptional talent and dedication to the sport. His commitment to excellence not only secured him a strong presence in the local motocross scene but also paved the way for his successful debut on the regional stage. Consistently finding himself on the podium, it was clear that Abdullah had the skill and determination to take on the world.

In 2021, he took a major step forward by competing in the prestigious Baja World Cup, where he astounded both fans and competitors alike with an impressive 6th place finish. This remarkable achievement fueled his aspirations to conquer the ultimate challenge in off-road racing: the Dakar Rally.

As Abdullah continues to chase his dreams, we invite potential sponsors to join us in supporting his incredible journey. By partnering with Abdullah, you’ll be aligning your brand with an ambitious, dedicated, and passionate athlete who never backs down from a challenge.

Racing Experience

  • 2023 – Saudi Baja – 5th
  • 2022 – Dubai International Baja – 4th
  • 2022 – Road Book Training Camp @jordyviladoms In Spain
  • 2022 – Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge
  • 2022 – Jordan Baja World Cup – 2nd
  • 2021 – Portugal Baja World Cup
  • 2021 – Dubai Endurocross Class (Middle East) – 3rd
  • 2021 – Jordan Baja World Cup – 2nd
  • 2021 – Dubai Baja World Cup – 4th
  • 2021 – Dubai Endurocross Championship – (Mx2 Category) – 1st
  • 2021 – Dubai Endurocross Championship – (Middle East Category) – 3rd
  • 2020 – Dubai Motocross Championship
  • 2020 – Mx2 Bahrain Motocross Championship – 2nd
  • 2019 – Jordan Enduro Cup – 1st
  • 2018 – Jordan Enduro Cup – 1st

photos by: murad abaza